A for effort, F for execution

Screen shot 2014-08-30 at 21.40.59

My last blog talked about making your own luck when racing. This time it was my turn to draw the short unlucky straw. Totally jinxed myself there then.

The National 10mile TT championships on the K33/10D tested my adversity (and anger) management skills to the MAX!

Feeling good but admittedly not razor sharp for the race, I was excited to toe the line with some of the best time triallists in the country for my last TT of the season.



Eating tuna 2hrs before the race. Why? WHY did I do this? Bad snack admin skills…

RESULT: Regurgitated tuna vomit down my skinsuit by mile 5. Disgusting but not at all race threatening.



Pushing off the start line in the small chainring then changing up to the big ring while stomping hard on the pedals…

RESULT: Dropped chain. Dismounted bike.  Puzzled “blonde” look at chain. Mounting bike. And back on with the race. TIME LOST



Somehow upsetting the puncture fairy.

RESULT: Punctured tub at mile 7 of the race. Luckily it was rideable to the finish line and no damage done to the wheel. Took the edge off my closing speed though.


3 mistakes. Adversity management and some half decent riding in between…

RESULT: 9th place at National 10mileTT champs.


Which has left me thinking “what if…”


My “Garmin time” (actual moving time minus the pitstop) put me on the podium. But “Garmin time” doesn’t count. No one cares about that. So for now I have to be satisfied with reality. Black and white results.

And in reality if someone had told me I would finish in the top 10 at the National 10mile Time Trial Championships this season I wouldn’t have believed them. Not even on my best possible day. So to have done it with possibly my worst ride of the season should satisfy me. But it’s funny how the goal posts move… Left feeling hungry.

Thank you all for making my first TT season so full of progress, lots of lessons learned and laughed at – Drag2Zero, Rotor bike, CoachJB, NoPinz, Southfork, Blake Pond, North Devon Wheelers.

In 2015 I better pull my socks up as I will no longer be able to play the “novice” card…. Might almost be becoming a proper cyclist.

Screen shot 2014-08-30 at 21.40.13



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